"We Love 💕 Carovana Romantica, always a good fun rally and great routes. Very friendly participants. What makes them #1 are the special visits they organise and entertainment. Come and join the enthusiasts!"


Susan S., London

It all began in 1982...

Carovana Romantica has led its crews to discover the hidden beauties of the Italian peninsula since 1982.

This Rally, which is based on the "Grand Tour style", was born on October 13th 1982 from the passion of Gianalberto D'Ammassa, who was the creator of the first long-running rally held in Italy in those years, thanks to the participation of 15 Clubs of all Italy from the ASI (Automobil Club Storico Italiano) including CAEM (Marche) CAMEC (Campania), CAMECS (Calabria e Sicilia) CAMET (Toscana) CMAE (Milano), CRAME (Romagna) – CRLM (Roma) CVAE (Veneto) Lancia Club (Torino) OM & NDC d'Abruzzo, VCC E. Bernardi, VCC (Como), VCC Etneo, VCC Panormus, coordinated by Giacomo di Roccatagliata, President of CAMEC.

More than 70 cars produced before 1949, arrived from 10 Italian regions, as well as numerous cars from Austria, England and Switzerland gave life to the first major motoring event in Southern Italy


Among the others significant vehicles took part as 1895 - Stanley Steam Locomotive (Tommasini) - 1912 De Dion Bouton DH Spider (Spadaro),1912 Itala Corsa – 1918 OM 465 Sport (Di Tocco) – 1922 Fiat 501 Torpedo Sport (Tenconi) – 1926 Isotta Fraschini 8A Coupè de Ville (Genovese) – 1927 Lancia Lambda (Cantù) – 1928 FIAT 509 Corsa (Vaccari) – 1928 Bugatti 44 Torpedo (Pensabene) – 1932 Bianchi S5 Cabriolet (Riccardi) – 1932 FIAT 508 B 3m (Sparano) – 1933 Lancia Artena 228 (Crespi) – 1934 FIAT 508 S Mille Miglia (Ciuffi) – 1934 Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet (Maggi) – 1936 FIAT 508 4M Torpedo (Di Nicola) – 1939 Lancia Astura (Vaccari).


Stops in Naples, Caserta, Salerno, Avellino and Benevento, as well as in Pompeii, on the Amalfi Coast, Positano and Ravello.

Among the protagonists of that unrepeatable season, in addition to Italian collectors, always animated by a great spirit of adventure, including the unforgettable Ciuffi, Di Tocco, Vaccari, Fittipaldi, some of the most important drivers and champions of the golden motoring age were present including Juan Manuel Fangio, Gigi Villoresi, Mariateresa De Filippis, Pietro Taruffi, Sergio Mantovani, who were witnesses of the first and only time trial re-enactment of the Posillipo Circuit in Naples.

With the re-enactment of the Circuit of Caserta and the hill climb time trial of Sorrento- Sant'Agata, the event was also characterized by its sporting content.


Memorable was the Concours d'Elegance held at the Royal Palace of Caserta, with more than 100 cars in competition.

Over the years, Carovana Romantica has crossed almost all Italian regions, and has seen the participation of many European collectors, members of biggest clubs such as the Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club, SMVC, AVCA, DEUVET, through unique itineraries from the first editions in Campania to the adventurous tour 2001 in Tunisia, from the romantic Tuscan countryside to the astonishing views over the Sardinia's sea.

Today Carovana Romantica is a consolidated event, now in its 37th edition, under the organization of the young enthusiasts members of the Mediterranean Escapes International Association, which, attracts collectors from all over Europe, aboard the finest pre-war cars, driven in the spirit of the old pioneers of motoring, to the discovery of the most hidden corners of the most beautiful country in the world and of the Mediterranean region making longlasting friendships in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.