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Stefano D'Ammassa


Following in his father's footsteps, he inheritd the passion for rallies. He focuses on non- comphetitive  competition,  offering to the partecipants an high-quality and unique product. thanks to his work as a lawyer, he handles a wide experience in business management and excellent organizational skills.

Ferdinando Alfieri

Press Office-Media & PR Manager

A young but talented man for languages, he can fluently speak german, english, italian and russian. He feels at home working in international contests and managing public relationships.

Luisa Porfido

Socia Media Manager & Customer Care

Luisa is transforming her passion for social media in work. She loves taking care of customers' requests, obviously not only via computer, but especially during the rally. 

Viviana Calì

Product Manager

Viviana is in charge of the quality control of each and every project. She is always able to develope the right itinerary for each rally. 

Lumen Photo studio


Since the first meeting with Francesco in 2012, the three friends who have transformed their passion for photography into a profession, giving life to Lumen Photo Studio, follow all the Carovana Romantica Rallies around Italy, backpacking and with the same spirit of adventure, but also the desire to discover new places and make new friends, which characterizes the Carovana events.

A power socket to recharge the batteries of the reflex, and they are immediately ready to seize the moment or the spontaneity of a gesture, for another intense day of shooting.

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