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About us

It is a long story… ”for enthusiasts only”!


Since 1982, Carovana Romantica has been a unique, long distance touring rally, open to enthusiasts owner of vintage and classic cars, who want to share driving experiences discovering the beauties of Italy, along breathtaking itineraries, through UNESCO heritage sites, as well as remote countryside and “hidden” places.

We organize a new journey every year, through always different itineraries, to discover cities, small villages and extraordinary “hidden” places in Italian regions and Mediterranean countries, full of historical, cultural and, why not, "romantic” suggestions, driving around 900 km in 8 days.


Live the authentic Italian lifestyle


Carovana Romantica is an “experiential event”, planned to let crews have a real interaction with the local communities, and live their culture, traditions, folklore and music.

Participant will live the authentic Italian lifestyle experience, enjoying a refined hospitality in hotels and class-exclusive facilities, as well as special and warm welcome in traditional costumes by local communities, historical re-enactments, exclusive visits, special gatherings in private estates, wineries, farms etc.

The evening entertainment includes dinner shows, and musical performances in Theatres, Castles, Squares and historic centers to complete this unique event.



The Carovana Romantica Rally is open to 35 vintage and classic cars, built from 1918 to 1969. Priority in registration is given to pre-war and highly prestigious cars.


Own an earlier Classic Car? (from 1969 to 1979?).

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Proudly "Made in Italy"

Special evenings, classical and folk music concerts, dances in traditional costumes, performed by local folk groups that preserve the most beautiful and ancient cultural and musical traditions of small Italian villages, are a fundamental part of the rally.

Not "only driving"

We like driving cars, but... a wine tasting in a beautiful vinery, a visit to a remote monastery in a spectacular place, a matinèe in the garden of a castle or private estate, a boat trip in the Mediterranean Sea... all this is also part of Caravana Romantica!

Long driving rallies for long lasting friendship

Owners and collectors from all over the world, who retain the adventurous spirit of the "pioneers", who found the "old ladies" in barns and restored them to give new life, are invited and always welcome to our Rallies. Carovana is a gathering of friends who share the same passion, without formalities, meeting again every year, and keeping longlasting friendships.

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