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The Carovana Romantica Rally 2016 takes place in the heart of the Italian peninsula, in an area rich in history and traditions, divided into many small fiefdoms in the Middle Ages, still evoked today in the name: "le Marche". A small concentration of all Italian excellence, from manufacturing, to art, to culture, to the sea: "Italy in one Region".


We start from the logistical base of Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, a spectacular resort within a wonderful agricultural estate, to reach one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance in Urbino, of which it fully preserves the architectural heritage with its historic center UNESCO world heritage site. Through the spectacular Gola del Furlo, we reach the Fonte Avellana Abbey and stop in Fabriano, known for the art of watermarked paper since the 13th century.
Overnight in
Borgo Lanciano, with a medieval show to the sound of the Italian piva, ancestor of the Scottish bagpipe, with songs masterfully performed by the Erabundi Musici, lovers and philologists of ancient music.

The following day we leave for Macerata, famous for its sferisterio, crossing San Severino Marche, Tolentino, Treia. Visit to the city and continuation to the Fiastra Abbey, where after the visit we treat ourselves to a wine tasting in a splendid estate after crossing the rows of vineyards as far as the eye can see.
Next stop in 
Camerino, a medieval and university center located in an uncontaminated mountain area, and dominates from the top of the hill the large basin delimited by the Sibillini mountains, towards which we head for a stop in Visso, where we are welcomed by splendid girls in medieval dresses.
After lunch in
Norcia, where we listen to the Gregorian chants of the brewer monks, in the Church of San Benedetto, patron saint of Europe, we cross the incredible plateau of the Piani di Castelluccio, to arrive in Ascoli, with its square and its splendid buildings in white stone, a true jewel of the middle ages.

The following day we follow the coastline north to reach Offida, a small village famous for the manufacture of pure gold filigree, with which entire dream dresses were also made, and then through Ripatransone we arrive at Fermo. In the evening we reach Monte Conero, a terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea and a nature reserve, where we stop in the ancient monastery.
The following day we reach the
Basilica of Loreto, a pilgrimage destination from all over the world, and the second basilica after St. Peter's in Rome. Last stops in Jesi, famous for its opera house, for its medieval walls, but also for the Verdicchio di Jesi white wine which we taste in the cellar. The Rally ends in Gradara, the fortress still intact today, which was the scene of the love between Paolo and Francesca immortalized in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

Rally 2016 Map

Mappa Carovana 2016.jpg


Urbino – Fabriano – Matelica - Fonte Avellana Monastry - Castelraimondo

The visit to Urbino and the Palazzo Ducale, a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture, home of Federico da Montefeltro, with its famous little towers, and home to the National Gallery of the Marche, with one of the most beautiful and important art collections of the Italian Renaissance, with works by Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Paolo Uccello and Titian. The Fonte Avellana Monastery, on the wooded slopes of Mount Catria, an incredible place of worship.

Tolentino - Treia- Camerino
Macerata - Fiastra Abbey

Macerata, a precious city where history and culture blend in the historic center full of interesting works of architecture, museums, churches. The Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra, with its nature reserve and one of the best preserved Cistercian abbeys in Italy. The Italian pive of the Errabundi Musici.

Sibillini Mountains: Norcia- Arquata del Tronto- Castelluccio Valley- Ascoli Piceno

Norcia, an ancient city of Roman origins, with its city walls, and the square with the Basilica of S. Benedetto, with a Gothic façade from the century. XIV, famous throughout the world for its delicious cured meats, the "norcinerie". The Piani di Castelluccio, a plateau at 1350 m, famous for the impressive spring blossoms that color it with poppies, cornflowers and daisies.

Offida - Ripatransone -Fermo - Mount Conero

Offida, an ancient village enclosed by 15th century castle walls, with its Piazza del Popolo, known for the art of delicate bobbin lace. Fermo, at the top of Colle Sàbulo, is dominated by the mass of the Cathedral, with the Palazzo dei Priori, the glorious Mappamondo, ancient rooms and paintings by Rubens.

Loreto Abbey - Camerano – Offagna - Jesi - Urbino

The Basilica of Loreto, the most important sanctuary in Italy, where in 1291 the angels brought the walls of Mary's house to safety from the Muslims. Jesi, in the valley of the Esino river, reported by UNESCO as an "exemplary city" for the architectural integration of its historical layers, and home of the famous white wine "Verdicchio".