Sars- Cov2 Pandemic Policies

Dear friends, dear Enthusiasts,
We are working hard to welcome you soon to Carovana Romantica Rally 2023.


The SARS COV2 pandemic forced us to suspend our event in 2020, not only awaiting clearer laws regarding restrictions on touristic travel and events, but above all waiting for the health situation in Italy and Europe to become better. Vaccination currently underway throughout Europe, in the UK, USA, Canada and the World, has recently pushed the EU to issue clearer rules that finally allow for movement between EU and non-EU countries.


On March 17 2022 Italian Government adopted urgent provisions for overcoming the measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, as a result of the cessation of the state of emergency.


This gives us good hope that in June 2023 our Rally will be able to take place regularly, respecting (as far as it will be made possible by the changing of the pandemic and the health situation) all the characteristics (conviviality, interaction with local communities, events in theaters, participation of  folk groups etc) that make our Rally unique.


Coronavirus - Entry into Italy from foreign countries

The rules for entry into Italy have been updated and simplified. The ordinance of February 22, 2022 unified the regulation of entry from European Union countries and from third countries.

For all travelers, the legislation provides that upon entry into Italy it is mandatory:

1) fill out the Passenger Locator Form before departure and present it to anyone in charge of checks:
2) present one of the COVID-19 green certifications or other certification recognized as equivalent (completion of vaccination cycle or healing or tampon)
For more information, see the section Entrances in Italy: Covid-19 green certifications, validity, equivalences and exemptions

See here Official Italian Health Ministry website for UPDATES

The containment measures on the national territory

In Italy, the COVID-19 green certification, or green pass, is required to take advantage of some services and participate in numerous cultural, recreational and sports activities.

Consult the table of activities allowed without green pass, with "basic" green pass and with "reinforced" green pass and the website

The above guidelines will be constantly updated following regulations updates.