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Alberobello with over 1500 Trulli, the typical limestone houses of the Itria Valley, extraordinary examples of rural construction in dry stone slabs, dating back to prehistory and still used in this region, with whitewashed walls and a conical roof in set stones

Nardò, the ancient Neretum, a jewel with a timeless atmosphere, with the baroque historic center, surrounded by lush greenery, and stretching out towards the sea with crystal clear water, full of coastal towers, museums, and ancient farms.


Polignano a Mare: Dozens of Grottoes, inhabited since the Pleistocene era, and the cliff full of natural coves, from which Domenico Modugno began to VOLARE towards the world, to the tune of "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu


The land of Primitivo di Manduria, the famous red wine with strength, richness, character and complexity of aromas, whose grapes come from ancient vines cultivated as "saplings", which grow on the "red earth", on which the sea breezes blow.


Chic Ostuni shines like a pearly white tiara, extending across three hills with the magnificent gem of a cathedral as its sparkling centrepiece. It's the end of the trulli region and the beginning of Salento.

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