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Carovana Friends

This is not the mortuary ads page. We hope not to disturb the marketing experts, but we believe that our visitors will be able to understand why this page.
The road that travelled the Carovana Romantica is a 38-year long route and you may lose dear friends along this route. This section is dedicated to their memory because, without their contribution of style, availability and enthusiasm, our event could not have been what it is today.

We still imagine them driving their cars, or alongside their companions and drivers, always looking for new horizons.

A tribute to their memory is also a tribute to the true spirit of collectors, of those who dedicate time and effort to preserve their cars and lead them on the roads today as then.

James Bergreen 

Why He was Great >


James' spirit was a strange mix of English Humor and madness. Few times were you able to understand whether his speeches and his duties were serious or not. A travelling companion to laugh out loud km after km

bentley james.jpg


Sidy Dutta

Why He was Great >


Sidharta was a modern pioneer. Behind his silences and silent and sometimes resigned attitude he hid the excitement of his great travels in Mongolia in search of mysterious objects

RR sidy.jpg

1935 Rolls Royce 20/25 hp

Heinz Guenter Schuhl

Why He was Great >


Heinz Guenter was the archetype of the German gentleman. He was proud to let you hear the silence of his RR and compare it to the noisy Bentleys. A dear friend for over 25 year


1935 Rolls Royce 20/25 hp

Christa Kraemer

Why She was Great >


Christa was the perfect travel companion. Always smiling with everyone he gave the trip that discreet but fundamental contribution of those who appreciate every moment lived.



Seraina Cabalzar

Why She was Great >


Seraina had only one mission: to control the exuberance of her volcanic Jean Pierre in life as if travelling. Always absorbed in hes thoughts.


Ford Thunderbird

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